Thursday, April 14, 2016

Throw Back Thursday #1

This post is going up late today and figured I would do a throw back to one of my older but most favorite layouts.  I made this layout in 2014 and it was probably related to some challenge on A Cherry on Top, I am always up for one scrapbook challenge or another.  These are obviously pictures of my husband and I at the beach and I just love how the bright and fun this page turned out.

Looking at it now, I could say that everything was symbolic: the yellow paper for the sun, the diagonal line mimics the slope of walking down the beach to the water, even the bits and pieces could resemble the shells we were looking for while we walked along the shore. But none of that would be true, I just loved the yellow paper because it was bright yellow and at the time I liked to use red and yellow together (I still do actually) and I didn't want to do another layout with straight horizontal lines so I tilted them a bit.  It still works and I still love it.

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