Saturday, May 9, 2015

We R Memory Keepers Photo Sleeve Fuse Tool in Review

After a lot of anticipation, the Photo Sleeve Fuse Tool by We R Memory Keepers started to ship last month which I had pre-ordered back in January.  Something in the video made me think I had to have this tool and we'll ignore the fact that I am not a pocket page scrapbooker.  Deal?

I admit to having some buyer's remorse but I was committed by the pre-order.  During this time, I started to notice that shaker boxes were making a bit of a come back.  When I saw one made with a what looked like a page protector, my eyes lit up since the fuse will now have a purpose.  

So, here is what you get in the package:
The tool, tool stand, fuse tip, slicing tip, non-slip cutting guide and directions.

Right off the bat, I noticed there is no on/off switch.  I presume it's a safety feature since the tips get very hot but it would be more convenient.  The other thing is that there is no case or holder for the tips.  Maybe adding a mold to the base of the tool stand they could clip into or even just a storage case would be a good option for the future. The power cord is long enough to reach the power strip under my work table.

To make my shaker pouch, I put some sequins in the corner of a page protector.  Using the fusing tip along with the ruler guide, I sealed the two open ends of the pouch.  It only took one pass to seal the edges.

Now I wanted to use the slicing tool to cut the pouch away from the rest of the page protector.  It took about 15 minutes for the tool to cool off enough to switch the tips.  I could have used needle nose pliers or something similar if I didn't want to wait.

Again, I used the ruler as a guide for cutting. It took two passes to cut through both sheets of the page protector.  I used a cutting mat to protect the table but ended digging a groove into the mat because of the heat and pressure but better the mat than the table.  For full disclosure, I could have used scissors or a paper trimmer since this was a straight edge but that's not what this was about.

Here is the finished sequin pouch:

I like the thinner fused edges better than the edges of the page protector and need to play around with different shapes.  There are also waterfall pages available for purchse that can be fused to the outside of the page protector to make photo flaps.

So, what do you think? Is this a must have?  I'd love to see anything you make using the fuse.

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