Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Use it or Lose it Challenge Recap

Phew...I finally finished.  I completed 20 layouts using a stack of last chance papers and scraps.  I am happy it's over and while it was tedious to flip through the same papers over and over, I am kind of glad I did it.  These were papers that survived a couple of purges because I was sure I would use them. I did use a lot but I am very ready to give them away now.  As the end of the challenge drew near, I started to save the "good pictures" for when I could use new papers.   I can now donate the left over papers with no guilt.

This challenge taught me to be more prudent about buying papers and it's motivating me to use more from my stash before buying new supplies. I had to set aside and amazing assortment of new supplies to complete this challenge and I just can not wait to dig in.  I hope to feel that way with all my future purchases instead of getting used to seeing it pile up.

Here are all the layouts from this challenge which I started March 23rd.



  1. Wow good for you, that's a lot of layout. They are great :)

  2. That is AWESOME!! Good for you for making such good use out that last chance product!